News 25th January

Newsletter 25th January 2016

Greetings from Eight Waves

Item 1. We have decided to streamline our grading system. As of now there will be two scheduled grading opportunities each year. One of these gradings will be scheduled for a Sunday and one for a Monday roughly six months apart, one summer, one winter.

Eligibility for grading will be based on only a few criteria. Have you been studying long enough? Have you been to enough classes? Do you know the techniques appropriate for your level? There will be pre-grading assessments and you will be advised wether or not you should apply to grade. We of course will not advise you to grade if there is a likelihood of failure.

In the next newsletter we will publish these dates.

Item 2. Equipment. Now we are doing a bit more sparring we are lending out our kit. This is fine but in the interests of hygiene you might want to invest in your own. We can get 20% off RRP for the kit that we advise, and we advise keeping it simple. Gloves, gum shield, shin guards. Head guards are optional, I’ve never been keen on them but many people are. We can also order groin and chest protection.

Item 3. Sunday morning classes are going well but there are still some spaces for juniors (including beginners) and a few more for adults. Not a bad way to start the day and a real good justification for a big Sunday lunch.

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