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I enjoyed Christmas with all its lights and indulgence and always hate that concept of getting back to normality. Normality is over rated it is what many of us strive to escape. It can be a particular problem for children. I don’t know why but children seem to be the most conservative of animals and don’t like anything that is abnormal. Unfortunately this applies to other children and anyone who doesn’t conform to a standard of normality that someone made up can be singled out for poor treatment, teasing and ultimately bullying. This could be an odd name, or haircut, coming from a different cultural background not having the right clothes, being not as bright as your colleagues or being conspicuously brighter than them.

How do we deal within this?

Teach tolerance of others.

Explore diversity and challenge prejudice

Help those who do not conform. Anyone who is worried about fitting in should be told of the option of standing out.

Also during January there seems to have been a lot of colds and infections running round. Our bodies eventually need some downtime and the Christmas break is sometimes a sub conscious nod to the body to give in for a bit. Maybe you, or someone you know gets sick on their holidays. That’s such a shame, that hard earned time off and some of it is ruined by illness.

It happened to me this January. I went from snuffles to rib cracking coughing fits and it seems to be lasting weeks. I thought I was fairly fit and that my immune system was pretty solid, but this one got me. I tried all the folk remedies and the medical, tried sweating it out, exercise, rest, anything anyone suggested. It still got me and will leave when it is ready.

It is important to remember that our bodies are with us all the time and that our attention to our health is not something we should be putting off until we have a break to think about it. Things will catch up on us. If you are having a break coming up, try and ease into it and I suggest dosing yourself up with your favourite remedies a good few days before your actual break.

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