Aikido Doesn’t work. Discuss

When I lived in Thailand I taught English to a police chief. I got to know many of his colleagues and was introduced to their unarmed combat coach, a japanese sushi chef who taught them aikido. Of course in Thailand everyone knows muay thai, most of the police did it too so why aikido? Well don’t fight fire with fire, fight with water. It worked for them. Aikido is often accused of being ineffective but this was was a thai anti hijack squad, the Tokyo riot police study aikido too. I think if it is seen as ineffective it is because of poor teaching mainly by teachers who understand the theory and aesthetics but not the application, they teach exercises as techniques and don’t question the art and their teachers enough.

Aikido does get questioned a lot. The other concept that exercises me is “reality martial arts” . Everything has its place, just be honest about it? Why you are doing it. Be honest with yourself.