Dan and Alan’s new club

Alan Powe and Dan Hosegood will open our first satellite Aiki Ju Jitsu club.


This Wednesday 25th november in Northam at the United Community Centre.

Juniors 6:30-7:30

Adults 7:30-9pm


Check our classes pdfs for directions or give us a call


All welcome.new club opening

new classes information


Below are a set of PDFs giving information and locations for classes in

Aiki Ju Jitsu

Kick Boxing Circuits Class (fitness)

Tai Chi Chuan


These are based variously in Barnstaple, Bideford, Northam and Braunton.

Some classes are for juniors (normally from 7yrs) some are exclusively for adults. If there is any information you would like in addition to these please contact us.


Private classes by arrangement

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Boxing Versus Karate

I’ve been looking at various guard stances and in particular at the stances of certain sport karate and tae kwon do as opposed to boxing and thai boxing. It really comes down to how square on to your opponent you want to be. A lot of the sport styles seem to favour a side on, foil fencing type stance, the advantage of which is the covering up of most of the body, presenting a smaller target area and one that is not particularly vulnerable. The down side is that you can only attack with one side of the body from this stance too. To generate power a lot of people throw the rear foot or hand but to do so from a side on stance that rear foot/hand has to come around your own body making it slow and inefficient. Full contact styles tend to be more square on relying on greater swerve/ body movement for evasion and being more even handed in their attacks. It becomes very interesting when you see fighters moving from points to full or vice versa.

I’m not saying there is a right or wrong but I think the individual should experiment with this and not stick to one thing that is taught. Style is not the only consideration here( we are blah blah blah school so we do it this way) there is also body shape and purpose to take account of too.

Take a look at Bill Wallace then look at Mike Tyson. Look at some olympic Tae kwon do then take a look at some thai boxing from Lumpini. Try looking at the old Fairburn Sykes hand to hand combat manual and compare it to the dozens of new manuals available and see what you think of the differences in style. It would be nice to be able to question the people who came up with this stuff because often there is a good answer for why they do things the way they do but rarely why are alternatives considered by anyone who becomes part of a style. Once you’ve looked at these differences get on the mat and try them out.